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Nyman IP

Nyman IP is a technology-forward law firm bridging the gap between innovation and protection. Founded by an electrical and computer engineer, Nyman IP leverages today’s technological advances to practice with efficiency well beyond the outdated, traditional legal model. Nyman IP’s modern approach enables high-quality legal representation with exceptional access to information at prices more reasonable than possible under the decades-old inefficiencies common with the legal industry today. In most cases, Nyman IP prices legal services using a competitive fixed-rate flat fee model, not an uncertain and open-ended collection of hours.

Wherever possible and practical, Nyman IP eliminates undesirable the jargon that has long isolated the public from the legal world. Instead, Nyman IP uses an accessible, plain-language approach to enhance understanding between not only clients and their attorney, but also between intellectual property innovators and the examiners, judges, and juries tasked with governing and enforcing their IP rights. Clear and concise language produces highly accessible patent, trademark, and other IP assets, which promotes greater efficiency at virtually every step, from application to enforcement.

Nyman IP's resources scale to your business needs, essentially becoming your in house counsel, on demand. From the outset, Nyman IP works with innovators to establish preliminary opinions as to whether a proposed invention, brand, or another development is worth pursuit. Nyman IP provides these services via efficient search tools and professionals capable of parsing patent, trademark, copyright, domain, and other intellectual property databases using proprietary and user-directed search techniques. Nyman IP also assists clients with building an intellectual property portfolio of carefully drafted and professionally examined patent, trademark, and copyright applications. Nyman IP works with its clients to develop an intellectual property strategy, intelligently building a portfolio of assets protecting the ingenuity, branding, and artistic creativity of today’s leading minds. Reach out and learn how Nyman IP can help you at hello@nymanip.com.


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Scott Nyman

Registered Patent Attorney - Founding Member of Nyman IP

nyman_www_bw_tScott Nyman started Nyman IP as a registered patent attorney that understands the need for efficiency in evaluating and protecting intellectual property. With a degree in electrical and computer engineering from The Ohio State University, where he specialized in digital hardware design, power systems, semiconductors, and microprocessor architecture, Scott competently works at a high level with pioneers of today's digital society. Scott works with inventors seeking patent protection in many technologies, including semiconductors, energy transformation, software and related systems, power generation, digital devices, communications, artificial intelligence, and network technologies. Scott also works closely with start-up and established businesses to secure the branding they worked so hard to build.

Throughout his career, Scott witnessed the manual nature in which intellectual property services are performed by professionals unfamiliar with application programming and updatable databases. With a firm understanding of task automation, network-leveraged computing platforms, and the changing needs of inventors and other entrepreneurs, Scott Nyman and Nyman IP bring managing an intellectual property portfolio up to speed with the technology it protects.

Admitted Jurisdictions:

Federal Practice - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Illinois Bar
Florida Bar
U.S. District Court - Southern District of Florida
U.S. District Court - Middle District of Florida
U.S. District Court - Northern District of Florida

Jennifer Gordon

Registered Patent Attorney - Affiliated Litigation Counsel

Jennifer Gordon is a registered patent attorney and practices with Nyman IP as affiliated litigation counsel. She helps businesses and inventors enforce their intellectual property rights and defend against allegations of infringement. Jennifer graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in computer engineering, where she was recognized on the College of Engineering Dean’s List and honored as a University of Illinois Chancellor’s Scholar. She earned her J.D. from DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, where she received the DePaul University College of Law Dean’s Scholarship.

Jennifer is experienced in patent, trademark, and other intellectual property litigation. She also assists in corporate matters, including federal and state regulation compliance, partnership and corporation operating agreements, corporate litigation matters, and counseling clients on settlements and negotiations.

Jennifer is a founding shareholder at Shams, Rodriguez & Mozwecz, P.C. in Chicago.

Admitted Jurisdictions:

Federal Practice - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Illinois Bar
U.S. District Court - Northern District of Illinois

Andrew J. Thompson

Attorney - Affiliated Business Counsel

Empowering entrepreneurs, activists, and small businesses.

Andrew works with small businesses and startups, assisting them with issues ranging from business entity creation, industry specific compliance concerns, corporate governance, and contract drafting.

In addition to representing business clients, Andrew brings over a decade of government, public policy, and political campaign experience to the practice of law. With this perspective, Andrew works with activists to help them achieve their organization’s goals while ensuring compliance with complex federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Andrew also advises political candidates on campaign formation and compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Andrew’s experience includes working as the Personal Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, where he crisscrossed a diverse, politically complex, and nationally influential state of over eleven and half million people, learned the intricacies of managing a fifty-six-billion-dollar enterprise. Andrew also worked in the Governor’s Office of Public Liaison, where he helped organizations and private citizens navigate the complexities of state government and contributed to the creation of a new cabinet-level state agency, the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.

Andrew currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is the founder and principal attorney of Thompson Law, PC. Andrew participates in several public interest and pro-bono legal organizations, and Andrew was recently selected to work with Lawyers for Equal Justice, a program sponsored by the State Bar of Georgia that recognizes young, entrepreneurial, and public-interest minded lawyers with innovative, socially conscious, and sustainable law practices.

Andrew is a founding shareholder at Thompson Law, P.C. in Atlanta.

Admitted Jurisdictions:

Georgia Bar
Supreme Court of Georgia
What We Do

Intellectual property relates to rights owned by a person or entity in the intangible assets of their creative mental processes. Generally, patents provide protection for inventions or discoveries, copyrights protect original works of authorship, and trademarks protect words or symbols identifying the source of goods or services. Nyman IP assists businesses and individuals secure their intellectual property rights, from application to issue. Common services offered by Nyman IP are listed below. Most services are offered using fixed-rate flat fee pricing.


Application and Transactional

Provisional Utility Patent Application
Nonprovisional Utility Patent Application
Design Patent Application
PCT and International Patent Application
Trademark Application
International Trademark Application
Copyright Application
Confidentialiy, Nondisclosure (NDA), and Noncompete (NCA) Agreements

Prosecution and Examination

Patent Examination and Office Action Response
Patent Examination Appeals
Patent Maintenance
International Patent Examination
Trademark Examination and Office Action Response
Trademark Opposition
Trademark Cancellation
International Trademark Examination
Copyright Examination

Litigation and Proceedings

Patent Infringement
Trademark Infringement
Copyright Infringement
Patent Appeals and Proceedings (PTAB)
Patent Inter Partes Review (IPR)
Trademark Trials and Appeals (TTAB)
Domain Registraton Disputes
Breach of Confidentiality
Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
Cease and Desists

Search, Analysis, and Opinion

Patentability Search and Opinion
Validity Search and Opinion
Invalidity Search and Opinion
Infringement Analysis and Opinon
Noninfringement Analysis and Opinion
Clearance Search and Opinion (also known as "Freedom-to-Operate Opinion")
Patent Landscape Search (also known as “White Space” or “State of the Art")
Full Trademark Clearance Search
Complimentary Trademark Survey and Identical Mark Search
Nyman IP Knowledge Base

Nyman IP proudly shares information and resources with its clients, prospective clients, and others wishing to learn more about intellectual property. Nyman IP provides a selection of free online guides and articles to the public, furthering its goal to educate inventors and entrepreneurs about the benefits provided by patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property protection. You can view the online guides at:

Patent Guide - Nyman IP Free Online Resource
Trademark Guide - Nyman IP Free Online Resource
Trademark Chicago - Online Guide from Nyman IP
Chicago Patent Help - Online Guide from Nyman IP

Additionally, Nyman IP occasionally posts short articles on various intellectual property topics, presented in a blog format. If you would like more learn more about how to apply these resources to help you or your business, please reach out to Nyman IP at hello@nymanip.com or 312.487.2532.

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